Monday, December 7, 2009

Hamming It Up

So I got my jackets done. Munchkin was kind enough to model them for me though she was having lots of fun hamming it up. It is getting harder and harder to just get that child to stand still. But she is cute(problem is she knows it). Anyways I am very happy with how they turned out I hope the girls like them. They were both very specific with what they wanted on them, but I have never meet them, which always leaves it a bit of a crap shoot.
So something else off my list. Also was a good girl and got the hats done. Whhoo Hooo.
Now on to some Christmas presents. Well soon, still have a few other orders to take care of.
So here are some pictures of munchkin in the two new jackets. One is way too big for her but she didn't care.

Monday, November 30, 2009

November is Done Yeah!!!

So the last month has been pretty hectic. Shows every weekend plus trying to get other commitments done. But thankfully it is the last day of November. No more shows booked for the rest of the year.
Here are a couple of small wool wallhangings I got done amongst all the bustle.
So now I need to complete two commissioned jackets, one commissioned scarf, and complete an order for some hats for a children's store. I shall have to double check my lists and orders to make sure that is it. But I think that is all.
Otherwise I need to restock some things for myself, such as cookies, aprons, muffins, tea cups plus get some samples done for the upcoming workshops in the New Year. Oh yes the other goal that keeps getting shuffled is to get some things posted for sale on my ArtFire store. So list making time once again to try to remain focused. Really need to convince munchkin to model some of my new hats and clothes. She hasn't been the most cooperative in that department lately.
All in all I am really looking forward to December.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Little Things

SO I have been working on a variety of smaller items that would be much easier to ship, partly because they are light. So many of the things I create are awkward, heavy and sometimes breakable.
Day Of the Dead images have long been a fascination of mine. This round of them was started from some swaps I had signed up for on Swap-bot. Also the fact that I have been cleaning my studio(very gradually), and have been finding treasures(aka half finished things). One of the next things on my list are to finish the three wallhangings I rediscovered that are DOD.
Fairy tales have also long been a fascination, I have been collecting books my whole life. I love the older versions. So may of them have been watered down by taking out all the bad parts. Which were kinda the point as they were meant to teach the younger generation the perils of life. The illustrations are also awesome.
Frog Prince is one of a series I started that is the story written on the background fabric with imagery from the story added. The Hansel & Gretal piece was inspired by some wonderful panels I discovered at a local quilt shop. Some of the fabric panels for books that are available are so wonderful. I am drawn to them but never want to use them as is. They just need embellishments and such added.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So life is getting ahead of me again. Obviously cause I have not been keeping up with this. So I guess I need to keep myself to some stricter schedules. List time again with time frames. Now I just need to teach myself to follow them.
This month is going to be very hectic, so I am presently looking forward to the first day of December. This weekend is going to be a big attempt to get caught up on some stuff I wish to complete. Must make every effort not to get distracted. ;) I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is Approaching

So Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year. And it is fast approaching. Have been trying to get many things done. Still haven't gotten around to finishing setting up my ArtFire account, have the bio done and most of the other basics. Now I need to get some items on their to sell. Then I need to get an Etsy account up and running. Many small steps will eventually get me there. I'm hoping.
So here is one of my latest embroidery projects aka procrastination tools. I think she is pretty cute. Now I have to decide what to do with her from here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting Caught Up(HA!)

Well I have been trying to get caught up with everything. I think I may be getting close but that changes moment to moment. Have the new space pretty well all set up, have a few people signed up for workshops, but more would be nice. Patience is a virtue(that is the saying I think).
Have also been working on giving the building a face lift. Holly and I were both busy yesterday morning. She fixed broken concrete and painted the awning. I cleaned the front foyer and painted some walls. Now to see what the landlord thinks of our efforts.
Perhaps one of my errands today should be to take some pictures of the revamps and a street view of the store. I shall add it to my list.
Sorry there are no pictures today.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What's Up

So we have been busy getting the new shop up and running. I will be offering a variety of workshops and have many of the things I make for sale. This weekend was the local Scarecrow Festival so I thought what is better then making a store scarecrow. I think she turned out pretty amazing it only took Holly and I a full afternoon.
We have been painting walls, hanging displays, designing business cards and other propaganda. All in all it has been a busy three weeks since we signed the papers for the space. Now here's hoping we get some students for the classes offered.

The window display has been a work in progress. Trying to get samples of all the available workshops done and displayed at the shop and pictures posted to the website. Work is never done.
On top of all this I managed to pinch a nerve in my shoulder which has slowed down production a bit. But I think we have approximately half of the class samples done now. SO we are getting there. Need to do pictures of everything on Monday hopefully.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fairytale Challenge?

So I haven't totally forgotten about the challenge of a fairytale piece every two weeks. I have two started, now just four more to go. Maybe sometime soon I shall have some time to give to them.

But silly me, now I have started another business venture. Teaching worshops along with a friend of mine. This involved renting a space, a new website, ordering some new business cards once again, painting the new space, plus, plus and plus. Someday perhaps I shall learn not to jump in with both feet(haha). So here's to keeping our fingers crossed that it is all worth it.
I also started my children's art workshops today at a local kid's store. I will be teaching most Monday's after school for the fall. First Mixed Media, then Jewelry and then Knitting. It went quite smoothly today, the kid's all seemed to enjoy themselves and didn't want to leave at the end. Will have to see how next week goes.
I really do think I should probably not commit to anything else this Fall. Now if that was only apt to happen.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bewildered Bunnies

So here are some of my Bewildered Bunnies hanging out at the sale in Merrickville.Had to make some more as the one I made for munchkin is one of her favourite sleeping companions. And one must always listen to the three year olds in ones life. As least that is what she has been trying to convince me lately.

So the weekend wasn't the busiest but all in all it was a pleasant weekend. Though I got a cleavage sunburn. Serves me right, didn't even think about sunblock, or the cut of my dress. Cleavage was never something I worried about in my life, and I assure you I don't have much. But it is still annoying to get a burn there.

Also discovered that the sidewalks roll up in Smith Falls in a similar manner as to Napanee. If it is after 4pm on a Saturday, not much is happening. But the hotel room was Ok and the price was right.So another show down and only a few more scheduled for this year. Just have to decide if I want to do many shows in 2010. The exposure is always good but they are all so unpredictable lately. Decisions, decisions.

What I need to concentrate on in the next month or two is getting caught up on my other commitments. I was a bad girl and missed the first deadline for a new challenge I just agreed to. Not a good start. But I promise Shirley I will get to work on it and make every effort to not be late with the other ones. So now I just need to actually start the first block with a fairytale theme. Take a picture of it, post it and email a picture to Shirley.

Then I need to get caught up on the swaps for Swap-bot, finish that quilt I started, get some other UfO's done and squeeze in some more gardening. Also need to start thinking about the Art Classes I am teaching this fall. Looks like the one starting on Sept. 14th is a go, as long as the space gets finished. What is the date today??? Time flies when there are deadlines.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Hot One

Well it is another hot day in Eastern Ontario. Working on getting some lollipops and finger puppets done for next weekend. Decided I should get some more little things done, they always seem to cover the rent of the space. Will have to try to get some new cookies done this week also. There also isn't much room left in the truck so I decided to stay away from making any more larger items for the upcoming show.
This past weekend proved once again that shows are not what they once were. People are much more hesitant about purchasing items. Didn't see any one wandering with big ticket items and I noticed more vendors have little items for people to purchase. Will have to see if I get contacted for any commission pieces.
Hopefully it cools down a little bit so I will feel like finishing my latest quilt. But I just can't face having it on my lap at the moment to finish the stitching and then bind it. Here is a closeup picture of the last one I completed in similar colours. It all started with a mystery quilt box. This is when you are given a box with a piece of fabric and some embellishments/thread. The box then passes from one person to another with each person adding a quilt block they made by using what is in the box. This one ended with 8 blocks as that is how many were in the group. I then added some of Shirley's(Sarum Studio) hand dyes to complete the project. And here is a more overall view.
The new one was inspired by a package of orange hearts I received for a swap. Then I decided to use the words Love and Cherish in various languages for the rest of the theme. So hopefully I will have a picture of the finished quilt for some time next week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trying to get caught up

Well back into the roll of things. For the last few weeks I have been spending most of my munchkin free time creating stock for the upcoming shows. Then I went and picked up a show on July 29th. So anyways I have got some new stock made. Here are some of the jackets I got done.

I also got various skirts done, in sizes 2-3 and 4-5. Though I am seriously thinking about sizing things by waist measurements. The sizing of clothing is so wonky anymore. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to them. Munchkin wears anything from stuff marked 3-6months to 4 years. And since she isn't quite 3 that doesn't make much sense. But then again I find all clothing sizing inconsistent. Measurements of shoulder width, waist, and hips I think are the general way to go. I am going to try to come up with a sizing chart for the clothing I have been making. Another chore to do in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Linen Teatowels etc

I finally came up with an idea of what to do with those linen teatowels and tablecloths I have a compulsion to give a home to. They just seem to call my name, some of the are just so cool. They have silly recipes, sayings and images. Many of the souvenir ones are gorgeous. Anyways I started to create stuff with them. The first things are these handbags.
Now I shall have to decide what to do with a few more. Purses or something totally different.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Here's munchkin wearing some IsaTe's Designs. Isn't she cute. Kafka thought she needed a kiss.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Well here is the sample jacket I made to see how it turned out and to see if I had fun creating it. I like the hand dyed cottons with the added trims.

Here's the second finished, it was a special order. Now I am on the hunt for some more jackets(as I have another special order), but I am discovering most places don't sell jackets this time of year. Always the dilemma when it comes to clothing, you never seem to have the size they want.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Productive Day

Well today was pretty productive. Munchkin was off visiting the gypsies(aka Oma & Opa), as per normal on Monday. It is my day to get things done. So today I worked on a variety of swaps and of course some aprons. The aprons will soon be at an end. I have approx. another dozen to finish and that should be good for the summer. If I sell all of them I am sure I could be persuaded to make some more.
Here is the needlebook I created for the Tag game in Quality Craft Swappers, it will be on its way to the United Kingdom tomorrow. I also put one in as a hostess gift for a swap of dotee dolls in the group Cloth Paper Studio. I got seven others completed, I shall see if anyone is interested in them at the next sale I do.

The next thing I got done was a Postcard for a swap labeled Almost Dark Blue. It is fun to play with the cheesecloth I dyed last summer. And I finally found a use for those embroidered fish I cut off a thrift shop dress. I need to make a second one still as there are two patrners in this swap.
The next swap I got packaged up was called a Useable Useful swap and my partners likes notecards. so thus two handmade notecards and one of my altered tags are going in the mail for her.

The final postcard was for the May lottery in the Handmade postcard group I belong to. I know it is June but I'm not running that late on it as the name wasn't drawn till the last day of May. Maybe I should start on June's Pc now so it is ready when the next name is drawn.
So that is most of what I accomplished today. All in all a productive Monday. I am now caught up on all my swaps and I actually got some stock completed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

So it has been a day of aprons. Here's munchkin modeling and helping Mommy around the house. She loves to use the little rechargeable vacuum. And what little kid doesn't like to stir the stuff in a bowl. We were making cupcakes. So I got 24 aprons cut out today here are some of the fabric I used.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Breakfast Anyone?

Well does it look good enough to eat or at least pretend? I think I finally got the bacon a more edible looking colour. Though of course I have now decided to tweak the eggs a bit. The edges keep curling up on these. As for the toast I have two options the full slice or two triangles. As I am discovering people are very particular about how their toast is served. The things you find out about people when showing them fake food.
I also have been working on a bunting flag for my booth when am at sales. Just how much work I want to put into it is the question. I am really tempted to do scads of hand embroidery, but there are many other things I should be doing instead of that. So I think I shall take inspiration from a email I got yesterday from Lovecupcakes and use vintage tablecloths etc for the backing. Thanx Lovecupcakes. Though I am sure I will add stitching to it at some point. I am going to work on this today, also plan on getting signs etc done. Especially one that says I can now take Visa and Mastercard(YEAH). Maybe I shall also get time to work on a couple of altered clothing pieces. I know big plans. But if you haven't guessed munchkin is at Oma and Opa's.
Well off to work I go.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not So Appetizing

Yummm. Doesn't it look yummy. NOT. The things I do trying to get something to look realistic. I keep trying to find that perfect yarn to create some bacon. So I finally resorted to using coffee. It still looks a little raw but it does look like bacon. Honestly.
Will have to post a picture of the complete breakfast. The only thing it is missing is the coffee. But I think that may not be the best thing to encourage children to drink. My own is already addicted and she isn't even three. She enjoys drinking the dregs out of the mug. Don't ask, we usually appease her with a warm milk as her coffee. Her favourite hang out is the coffee shop, but I suspect that is my influence. It is often the end of our morning walk.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fake Food and Making Stock

So I have been making all sorts of fake food lately. My daughter just loves it all and since we go to a Waldorf Parent/Child group once a week the ideas just keep coming. It is also a good thing to work on while amusing Isadora and helping her with her own art projects. I know the looks/responses I get sometimes when I answer the question of "what are you making?" are bafflement, surprise, stunned silence, curiousity. Anyways the range is growing everyday. I hope to finish my green eggs and ham soon, still haven't determined how large to make the ham. I should probably just start and go with the flow. That is usually the best answer for me.
These are a couple of things I completed in the last few weeks. When I get my ham done I shall make sure I post it.

And really I'm not just making food. I have also been working on dolls and I actually got started on a new fibre piece this week.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I have been doing lately

Well I am not keeping on my main idea behind this blog. As it has been over a month since I posted. But here are a couple of images of what I have been up to in the last month.

The doll is for a swap from swap-bot that was titled Felt Dolls it was sent to Italy and I really hope 'Junkolove' likes her when she arrives. She was inspired by Tim Burton, she's a combination of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline his newest movie. She's not quite what I expected her to look like but she seemed to just develop. That is probably the best way for a doll to be.

The next image is a miniature cake that I made for 'dbowie' for a Tag from a group I belong to called Fake Food. It had to be something for a tea party, so this is what I created. I suspect I may of got carried away once again. But oh well I do have that tendency.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Started

Well I guess we all have to start somewhere when creating a new blog. Have been putting this off for ages. The plan is that this will help encourage me to take pictures of new things and maybe even get better about updating my websites. The mediums I work in seem to vary greatly in the last while. I think it all has to do with chasing around after a 2 and a half old. There she is waving at you.
So here's the plan, so I have something to prompt me. 1)To put pictures of the swaps and projects I am involved in, both what I make and receive.
2) To take pictures and post them of things I make to sell. 3) To keep a record of my creations and my daughter's too of course. 4) To do a new post every other day or so.
SO here's hoping I manage to keep to the plan.