Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Started

Well I guess we all have to start somewhere when creating a new blog. Have been putting this off for ages. The plan is that this will help encourage me to take pictures of new things and maybe even get better about updating my websites. The mediums I work in seem to vary greatly in the last while. I think it all has to do with chasing around after a 2 and a half old. There she is waving at you.
So here's the plan, so I have something to prompt me. 1)To put pictures of the swaps and projects I am involved in, both what I make and receive.
2) To take pictures and post them of things I make to sell. 3) To keep a record of my creations and my daughter's too of course. 4) To do a new post every other day or so.
SO here's hoping I manage to keep to the plan.

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