Monday, June 29, 2009


Well here is the sample jacket I made to see how it turned out and to see if I had fun creating it. I like the hand dyed cottons with the added trims.

Here's the second finished, it was a special order. Now I am on the hunt for some more jackets(as I have another special order), but I am discovering most places don't sell jackets this time of year. Always the dilemma when it comes to clothing, you never seem to have the size they want.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Productive Day

Well today was pretty productive. Munchkin was off visiting the gypsies(aka Oma & Opa), as per normal on Monday. It is my day to get things done. So today I worked on a variety of swaps and of course some aprons. The aprons will soon be at an end. I have approx. another dozen to finish and that should be good for the summer. If I sell all of them I am sure I could be persuaded to make some more.
Here is the needlebook I created for the Tag game in Quality Craft Swappers, it will be on its way to the United Kingdom tomorrow. I also put one in as a hostess gift for a swap of dotee dolls in the group Cloth Paper Studio. I got seven others completed, I shall see if anyone is interested in them at the next sale I do.

The next thing I got done was a Postcard for a swap labeled Almost Dark Blue. It is fun to play with the cheesecloth I dyed last summer. And I finally found a use for those embroidered fish I cut off a thrift shop dress. I need to make a second one still as there are two patrners in this swap.
The next swap I got packaged up was called a Useable Useful swap and my partners likes notecards. so thus two handmade notecards and one of my altered tags are going in the mail for her.

The final postcard was for the May lottery in the Handmade postcard group I belong to. I know it is June but I'm not running that late on it as the name wasn't drawn till the last day of May. Maybe I should start on June's Pc now so it is ready when the next name is drawn.
So that is most of what I accomplished today. All in all a productive Monday. I am now caught up on all my swaps and I actually got some stock completed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

So it has been a day of aprons. Here's munchkin modeling and helping Mommy around the house. She loves to use the little rechargeable vacuum. And what little kid doesn't like to stir the stuff in a bowl. We were making cupcakes. So I got 24 aprons cut out today here are some of the fabric I used.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Breakfast Anyone?

Well does it look good enough to eat or at least pretend? I think I finally got the bacon a more edible looking colour. Though of course I have now decided to tweak the eggs a bit. The edges keep curling up on these. As for the toast I have two options the full slice or two triangles. As I am discovering people are very particular about how their toast is served. The things you find out about people when showing them fake food.
I also have been working on a bunting flag for my booth when am at sales. Just how much work I want to put into it is the question. I am really tempted to do scads of hand embroidery, but there are many other things I should be doing instead of that. So I think I shall take inspiration from a email I got yesterday from Lovecupcakes and use vintage tablecloths etc for the backing. Thanx Lovecupcakes. Though I am sure I will add stitching to it at some point. I am going to work on this today, also plan on getting signs etc done. Especially one that says I can now take Visa and Mastercard(YEAH). Maybe I shall also get time to work on a couple of altered clothing pieces. I know big plans. But if you haven't guessed munchkin is at Oma and Opa's.
Well off to work I go.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not So Appetizing

Yummm. Doesn't it look yummy. NOT. The things I do trying to get something to look realistic. I keep trying to find that perfect yarn to create some bacon. So I finally resorted to using coffee. It still looks a little raw but it does look like bacon. Honestly.
Will have to post a picture of the complete breakfast. The only thing it is missing is the coffee. But I think that may not be the best thing to encourage children to drink. My own is already addicted and she isn't even three. She enjoys drinking the dregs out of the mug. Don't ask, we usually appease her with a warm milk as her coffee. Her favourite hang out is the coffee shop, but I suspect that is my influence. It is often the end of our morning walk.