Monday, June 8, 2009

Breakfast Anyone?

Well does it look good enough to eat or at least pretend? I think I finally got the bacon a more edible looking colour. Though of course I have now decided to tweak the eggs a bit. The edges keep curling up on these. As for the toast I have two options the full slice or two triangles. As I am discovering people are very particular about how their toast is served. The things you find out about people when showing them fake food.
I also have been working on a bunting flag for my booth when am at sales. Just how much work I want to put into it is the question. I am really tempted to do scads of hand embroidery, but there are many other things I should be doing instead of that. So I think I shall take inspiration from a email I got yesterday from Lovecupcakes and use vintage tablecloths etc for the backing. Thanx Lovecupcakes. Though I am sure I will add stitching to it at some point. I am going to work on this today, also plan on getting signs etc done. Especially one that says I can now take Visa and Mastercard(YEAH). Maybe I shall also get time to work on a couple of altered clothing pieces. I know big plans. But if you haven't guessed munchkin is at Oma and Opa's.
Well off to work I go.

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