Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bewildered Bunnies

So here are some of my Bewildered Bunnies hanging out at the sale in Merrickville.Had to make some more as the one I made for munchkin is one of her favourite sleeping companions. And one must always listen to the three year olds in ones life. As least that is what she has been trying to convince me lately.

So the weekend wasn't the busiest but all in all it was a pleasant weekend. Though I got a cleavage sunburn. Serves me right, didn't even think about sunblock, or the cut of my dress. Cleavage was never something I worried about in my life, and I assure you I don't have much. But it is still annoying to get a burn there.

Also discovered that the sidewalks roll up in Smith Falls in a similar manner as to Napanee. If it is after 4pm on a Saturday, not much is happening. But the hotel room was Ok and the price was right.So another show down and only a few more scheduled for this year. Just have to decide if I want to do many shows in 2010. The exposure is always good but they are all so unpredictable lately. Decisions, decisions.

What I need to concentrate on in the next month or two is getting caught up on my other commitments. I was a bad girl and missed the first deadline for a new challenge I just agreed to. Not a good start. But I promise Shirley I will get to work on it and make every effort to not be late with the other ones. So now I just need to actually start the first block with a fairytale theme. Take a picture of it, post it and email a picture to Shirley.

Then I need to get caught up on the swaps for Swap-bot, finish that quilt I started, get some other UfO's done and squeeze in some more gardening. Also need to start thinking about the Art Classes I am teaching this fall. Looks like the one starting on Sept. 14th is a go, as long as the space gets finished. What is the date today??? Time flies when there are deadlines.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Hot One

Well it is another hot day in Eastern Ontario. Working on getting some lollipops and finger puppets done for next weekend. Decided I should get some more little things done, they always seem to cover the rent of the space. Will have to try to get some new cookies done this week also. There also isn't much room left in the truck so I decided to stay away from making any more larger items for the upcoming show.
This past weekend proved once again that shows are not what they once were. People are much more hesitant about purchasing items. Didn't see any one wandering with big ticket items and I noticed more vendors have little items for people to purchase. Will have to see if I get contacted for any commission pieces.
Hopefully it cools down a little bit so I will feel like finishing my latest quilt. But I just can't face having it on my lap at the moment to finish the stitching and then bind it. Here is a closeup picture of the last one I completed in similar colours. It all started with a mystery quilt box. This is when you are given a box with a piece of fabric and some embellishments/thread. The box then passes from one person to another with each person adding a quilt block they made by using what is in the box. This one ended with 8 blocks as that is how many were in the group. I then added some of Shirley's(Sarum Studio) hand dyes to complete the project. And here is a more overall view.
The new one was inspired by a package of orange hearts I received for a swap. Then I decided to use the words Love and Cherish in various languages for the rest of the theme. So hopefully I will have a picture of the finished quilt for some time next week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trying to get caught up

Well back into the roll of things. For the last few weeks I have been spending most of my munchkin free time creating stock for the upcoming shows. Then I went and picked up a show on July 29th. So anyways I have got some new stock made. Here are some of the jackets I got done.

I also got various skirts done, in sizes 2-3 and 4-5. Though I am seriously thinking about sizing things by waist measurements. The sizing of clothing is so wonky anymore. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to them. Munchkin wears anything from stuff marked 3-6months to 4 years. And since she isn't quite 3 that doesn't make much sense. But then again I find all clothing sizing inconsistent. Measurements of shoulder width, waist, and hips I think are the general way to go. I am going to try to come up with a sizing chart for the clothing I have been making. Another chore to do in the next couple of weeks.