Monday, September 14, 2009

Fairytale Challenge?

So I haven't totally forgotten about the challenge of a fairytale piece every two weeks. I have two started, now just four more to go. Maybe sometime soon I shall have some time to give to them.

But silly me, now I have started another business venture. Teaching worshops along with a friend of mine. This involved renting a space, a new website, ordering some new business cards once again, painting the new space, plus, plus and plus. Someday perhaps I shall learn not to jump in with both feet(haha). So here's to keeping our fingers crossed that it is all worth it.
I also started my children's art workshops today at a local kid's store. I will be teaching most Monday's after school for the fall. First Mixed Media, then Jewelry and then Knitting. It went quite smoothly today, the kid's all seemed to enjoy themselves and didn't want to leave at the end. Will have to see how next week goes.
I really do think I should probably not commit to anything else this Fall. Now if that was only apt to happen.

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