Monday, December 7, 2009

Hamming It Up

So I got my jackets done. Munchkin was kind enough to model them for me though she was having lots of fun hamming it up. It is getting harder and harder to just get that child to stand still. But she is cute(problem is she knows it). Anyways I am very happy with how they turned out I hope the girls like them. They were both very specific with what they wanted on them, but I have never meet them, which always leaves it a bit of a crap shoot.
So something else off my list. Also was a good girl and got the hats done. Whhoo Hooo.
Now on to some Christmas presents. Well soon, still have a few other orders to take care of.
So here are some pictures of munchkin in the two new jackets. One is way too big for her but she didn't care.

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  1. That kid gets more photogenic every month!! Luv ya. Shirley