Saturday, June 12, 2010

Embroidery Swap

I know the cloud looks sad, I think it is because he realizes he is interrupting the bees work day. Anyways I like it, I hope my partner does also. It is from a pattern for Sublime Stitching designed by Julie West. Of course I now have had a demand from munchkin to do her one, so she helped me pick out the images and where to put them. Hers is going to be on some handdyed cottons. I really like the look of hand embroidery on the handdyes.
I also need to get busy on some other swaps that involve embroidery, one is called Not Drawn By Me, I need to check if my partner would appreciate something drawn by munchkin or whether I need to get an adult to draw something for me. Not that it will necessarily be a better drawing.

Friday, June 11, 2010

What I Have Been Playing With

So I have been playing around with making jewelry from all repurposed/recycled items. Thus this necklace. It is made from an old belt buckle, seeds, beads, wire, felt bauble and some velvet ribbon. Oh and an old rhinestone brooch.
I like how it turned out so I think some more may be in the near future. It is actually very comfortable to wear, it's much lighter then it looks.