Saturday, July 24, 2010


SO this is the beginning of a piece I am working on for the contest Sublime Stitching is holding. You must use a minimum 3 patterns put out by the company. I have used 4 plus added some of my own design to tie it all together. I think it may take a lot more hours to complete, but so far so good. Part of the decision making is going to be how to finish the edges once I am completed with the main picture.
I am also presently working on a panel for the shop using hand dyed cottons and embroidery. This way I have a little variety of pieces to work on. Also need to start a piece on the theme of Mad Hatter's Tea Party, for this one I need to decide what medium I want to work in. Keep debating about doing something more sculptural.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Munchkin's Project

Or I should say the project she demanded Mommy make. I got the embroidery done, now to make it into something. She doesn't need anything else to hang on the wall. Some may say shes spoiled as she does not lack for artwork on her bedroom walls or anywhere else in the house. Some's mine, some's hers and well things by other artists are plentiful in our house also. I always wonder when people come to visit and they wander kinda aimlessly or in wonderment trying to take everything in. I guess you can say our decor is not sparse.

So back to the embroidery. What should I make a pillow, bag(for her treasures), clothing item? Or I am open to suggestions. If you have an opinion let me know.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scenic Napanee

So last night after supper we decided to go for a walk along the Napanee River. It's the first time we have made it down to the new and improved boardwalk. It is pretty impressive though I am not overly keen on the pavement, but I do get why they chose it. The old boardwalk was made of wood planks and was always needing some replaced. This new one is also much wider which makes it easier for people walking dogs with their children in tow. Munchkin was in heaven, she likes to check out the ducks and the fountain(s). They just added a second fountain so now there is one at each end.

The Blue Heron was fishing for his supper. He likes to hang out at the bottom of the Falls and catch fish as they come over.