Thursday, July 15, 2010

Munchkin's Project

Or I should say the project she demanded Mommy make. I got the embroidery done, now to make it into something. She doesn't need anything else to hang on the wall. Some may say shes spoiled as she does not lack for artwork on her bedroom walls or anywhere else in the house. Some's mine, some's hers and well things by other artists are plentiful in our house also. I always wonder when people come to visit and they wander kinda aimlessly or in wonderment trying to take everything in. I guess you can say our decor is not sparse.

So back to the embroidery. What should I make a pillow, bag(for her treasures), clothing item? Or I am open to suggestions. If you have an opinion let me know.


  1. What about sewing or glueing (iron on perhaps) to a t-shirt? Not sure of the size, maybe a book or binder cover? I get my son to put all of the artworkand comics he saves in page protectors in a binder.

  2. I could see this as a really cute item of clothing. It really depends on the size of the embroidery and the size of the person wearing it as to what you could put it on. It could make a cute patch on a pair of jeans, a jumper or pull-over or even on a dress or skirt.

  3. This is amazing I love how cute this is. It makes me want to learn cross stitch.

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  5. Still haven't decided what to do with this piece, presently it is in a pile - I am sad to say- with some other embroidered blocks. Will have to take a day to sit down with them and complete projects.

  6. This is sooo cute!
    I could imagine a whole children's story being inspired by it. Something about friendship and gardens?

    (I am apart of the follow that art blog swap and my user is emilylovesutoo)

    : )