Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hamming it Up

Munchkin had a great time hamming it up for the camera when a friend(Paula) and I were trying to get some good shots of some clothes I created(altered). She kept refusing to keep that tongue in her mouth. But I really do have to admit most of the pictures were pretty cute tongue and all.

So here are a couple of pictures. The hat is something I adorned for her and she absolutely loves it. She wore it to the Montreal Jazz festival and it was very appropriate. The jacket is something I have for sale at the store.


  1. haha she looks 'gansta' in the first pic! adorable though!

  2. Very cute! I love your altering :) Altering clothes is something on the mental crafts to try list.

  3. Hi Ingrid, Just stopping by to see what you are up to. This jacket and hat are sooooo cute not to mention the darling model you have. Keep her on the payroll and she'll sell a lot for you.

    Blessings, Coleen in Ukraine

  4. Such a natural, this kid. Your 'alterations' are fabulous. I'll enjoy watching what you make up! :OD

  5. Thank you so much everyone for the comments and compliments. I found another hat to play with finally, just have to keep it away from munchkin. She adores hats.

  6. Aww she's just adorable! What a cheeky little face :)

    I'm like her, I have this crazy thing for hats too, I can't blame her, the one she's wearing in the pictures is lovely!

    I ADORE her jacket too, I wish I had one like that when I was younger :(

    What a great blog, I'll enjoy reading new entries as much as I've enjoyed the old ones :)

    - This is lily_lestrange from Swap-Bot, for the Follow That Art Blog swap :)

  7. She really is so adorable! And I LOVE the tongue thing. My kids do the same kind of thing. And the clothes... you're a great artist. I know I'm going to enjoy reading your blog!

    (I'm PisceanMama from over on Swap-bot for the Bloggers Swap.)

  8. Gosh, she is so adorable! And I love the jacket and hat as well!