Saturday, September 25, 2010

Learning the ways of wool

Oh the wonders of learning to spin. Here's me playing with a drop spindle which Susan was good enough to loan me so I could perhaps spin some of my rovings I dyed. Now to get some time to master the technique. This was all part of the demos we were conducting during Arts & Culture Week in Canada. This is a busy weekend for me as I am doing two demos both Saturday and Sunday.
Here's Munchkin trying the spinning wheel. I would have to take time and get her to focus on consistency of speed, otherwise she seemed to be picking it up quite well. Just what I need more incentive to desire a spinning wheel. Cause I have plenty of time to master a new handcraft. ;0)


  1. ive always wanted to learn how to spin! so jealous!

  2. Is her little polka dot ensemble to die for or what? Nice to see someone is carrying some old knowledge into the future! :O)

    Peace (Peacewytch)

  3. The polka dot ensemble was a thrift store find, though I did have to add a little bling to please munchkin.