Sunday, October 10, 2010

Open Farms

After munchkin warmed up to the horse a bit.
Meeting the horse for the first time.
Introducing ourselves to some goats who really liked dry leaves.

We went on a little mini day trip a few weeks ago. The Farming Association set up a day where you could go visit various farms within the community. A wonderful idea especially for kids so they can see where much of their food comes from. It was a beautiful fall day and we completed our trip by going to a small local bakery and having a treat and coffee.


  1. what a wonderful adventure you had :) the pics are great!

    128julie from swap-bot

  2. Hi I'm from swap bot and since there wasn't a post for Kiwi's swap I thought I would post on this one! I just took my son to his first petting zoo last week and he loved the goats too!

    Blogger Follower Swap- icalea

  3. The goats were great and they even had a breed that looks like they have no ears or they have been clipped. Can't remember the name of them at the moment.