Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rings and Things

Here is a quick picture of some of the needlefelted rings I have been having fun making lately. Been trying to get some little things made along with working on some new clothing items. Also in production are covered buttons made with vintage fabrics(was given a box of quilt squares by one of my Aunts - she got them in a job lot at an Auction). They have been in my stash for a few years and I finally realized I am not going to piece them together so why not use them for other things. Thus hair elastics are being created with some pretty cool fabrics.

The little things will hopefully help cover the cost of my spaces at the next few shows I am participating in. I always find it is a good thing to have stuff in the range of $5-$20 when doing shows as they are the bill payers. The bigger items are not so much impulse purchases. But it has been better since I accept Credit cards at shows. Though it does still always depend on the show.
I have two coming up that are totally new to me so I shall have to see how they go. One of them is Make It Indie in Cobourg which I am attending tomorrow. I am going to try once again to try to remember to take some pictures after I get the table set up. But don't hold your breath as I have been meaning to make this a habit for every show I attend and well it hasn't happened. But I am packing my camera this time.(cross my fingers)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Last Week

Here is munchkin dressed in our compromise costume. She is a zombie princess, if you can't guess. It was very cold here on Halloween Eve so extra clothing had to be used. I dressed up as the witch doctor who created he and her Daddy was Baron Samedi. She had a great time even though we only hit approx. 12 houses.
Some buttons drying. I happened to score a large pickle jar full of buttons the other day at a local thrift shop. They desperately needed a washing. Some of the pearlized buttons didn't survive the ordeal. But the assortment is awesome. Lots of white shell shirt buttons, large and small buttons of all types. Still sorting.