Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shows Done For The Year

Here's me at my last show of the season-Fat Goose.(Not the most flattering picture) It was a very fitting end to a long weekend and the year. It was a licensed event so I got to have a couple of dark beers and listen to music while selling my wares. The weather kinda cooperated, we had storm warnings but in the end it was just extremely wet. The rain didn't seem to deter the customers it was quite well attended. It was a total crap shoot as it was a Sunday evening from 6pm-11pm at a new venue. I didn't have a really full display as I had to leave some things in Picton-Busy Hands. I had been there Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 10am3:30pm. The show didn't end until 5pm so I left some things on my table that a friend was kind enough to mind and then pack up at the end of the day. Both shows were definitely worth my time so I really hope they don't conflict next year.
It is always so great to find shows that are true craft/artisan shows. I am always disappointed when I go to a show and see vendors with mass produced products or selling things like Avon. In this neck of the woods some organizers do not distinguish the difference. But I am getting much better at weeding out these type.

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