Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting Ready for Shows Etc.

Skirt and jacket ensemble.(presently hanging in the store window) I have been on a real grey kick in the last while. Have made myself a dress, jacket, and skirt all in varying grey tones. Now I am making things to sell. Next I am going to try to be inspired by some browns. Neutrals are always a good choice the more vibrant colours are much more person specific. I have been working on a green shawl off and on for about a month now. Really thought I was over my dislike for green but there still seems to be some latent feelings. Going to force myself to finish it this weekend. When I can distance myself from it I will probably like it (I hope).
This jacket looks best with jeans tried it with a skirt just doesn't look quite right. Maybe more of a cargo skirt. hhmmm. And look it has some green. Also has quite a few pockets, must of been thinking where to stash tissue and electronics that day. The tissue are imperative to me, my allergies are already hitting me must be all the wind we have been having. It is definitely blowing something about my sinuses don't like. I love pockets even though most things I wear for some reason don't seem to have them.


  1. I love that grey jacket! When do you hear about you show application?

  2. Hi Ingrid, it's Scamp from Swapbot here, following you through the Blog Followers #2 swap. I am in love with the skirt of this grey ensemble - fab!

  3. I don't hear about the show in T.O until the end of May. Am starting to get some idea about some others. So hope to have some sort of schedule sorted out by the end of next week.

  4. That skirt is soooo comfortable. The one I made myself has some burgundy in it also. My little splash of colour.

    Thanx so much for the compliments.

  5. Nice outfits!

    tamtamlee from the Blog Followers #2 swap

  6. What a cute jacket! I wish I knew how to sew.

    Flutterflies22 Swap-bot

  7. I have officially fallen in love with that brown jacket. I'd wear it with everything, though, that's my only problem :P Loved reading your blogs!!! Take care and happy swapping!

    Kendra (hxckendra)

  8. I love the second jacket, all of your stuff is awesome.

    Swap-Bot Phoerauf