Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green for March

First of all excuse the wigs bedhead it kinda reminds me of my own hair some mornings. But I had to post some pictures(even if they aren't the best) of the finished item. Yes I really did finish the green shawl. Yeeahh for me. OK I am done patting myself on the shoulder. ;0)

I shall get some better pictures done at the same time as I get some other clothing photographed.

So I had every intention of getting some sewing done yesterday as it was a munchkin free day. But alas instead I went with my friend Holly thrift store shopping. Realized I need to stock up on sweaters before everyplace packs them away, all the spring and summer stuff is coming out. SO we went to a kinda local Sharing Centre and they were having a bag sale Yeeaahh. So that means whatever you can stuff in your reusable shopping bag was $5. So three bags there. Not many sweaters though.
The we went to BFM(Bibles For Missions) I have been remembering the acronym as otherwise I have a tendency to call it Missions for Bibles. Here we lucked out as all red or green tags were half price. I scored a great black three piece ensemble which is probably 50's era for $3.50. The lady who was helping to pack the bags wasn't very happy. She pointed out that it had to be priced wrong. Now I have to figure out what I am going to do with it.

It is kinda dangerous to go in my workspace at the moment. Attack of the sliding mountains of clothing.


  1. Heya hunny bee Amazing!!! I love it! Never really liked green but this green is very natural hehe!!! Oh Im following you on my twitter!! My other one doesnt work for some reason TT^TT! Ichigoshortcake from swapbot! xxxxx

  2. It sounds like a great bargain hunting trip! The shawl is lovely.

    Swap-Bot Phoerauf

  3. Happy ST Patricks day hope your enjoying it!