Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kiwi's Blogger Follower Swap #5

Sorry to my fellow swappers in my lateness in starting a entry entitled Kiwi's. The last few days escaped me. Had the inlaws visiting along with it being Easter. So now I have remedied that and will be sure to check out my partners blogs in the next few days. Looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More clothes

Dress made from 1 red tshirt and 4 black ones. Red stitching on the seams for contrast.

Been trying to get ready for the shows coming up. So here are a couple of more things I completed lately. The goal is to get at least one thing completed every day or lets say minimum 7 things a week. This week I got 2 dresses, I cardi, 3 little girls jackets(1 of these were for munchkin - she's outgrown her other one). So I am getting close to the weekly goal. My weeks start Monday so I shall have to see what I manage to complete today and Sunday.
I have also been busy making headbands for girls, I was getting a lot of requests for them so I thought I better get busy. Its been worth it cause they are selling.

Houndstooth Cardi made using 3 sweaters.

Need to get busy and finish some of my commissions and barter items. Have to finish a doll and her accessories - something I have been putting off. Always seem to have a commission like that looming in the background (we all need one right?)

Then I need to redesign/remake a purse towards a barter I did for a new sandwich board sign I had painted by a local mural artist. Will try to remember to take a picture. Also am making something for her daughter.

Then I need to create some item of clothing for a local artist who I got a painting from. This was my birthday present to myself. I shall have to post pictures of the painting and the finished clothing. Maybe I can get a picture of her wearing what I create.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I have been doing lately

A dress made out of some sweaters. Looks very nice with a turtleneck or cami underneath. Ended up making it a bit larger for a customer because she fell in love with this particular dress, the new version had strips down each side in a coordinating colour. It looked great on her and hopefully she wears it lots.
A quite neutral version of the sweater dress/jumper. Currently I am working on dresses made with golf shirts and tanks for the hot summer days. The skirts on them are asymmetrical and patchwork my test one turned out wonderful but whoever wears it needs to be at least 5'7" cause I made it long. The problem with trying to create a full length item. I will probably have to do two different lengths. Hope to have a picture soon.
A naughty bunny(a bit creepy), I have been on a Bunny spree. Many of them have been quite cutesy so my creativity has been fighting back and thus a few Evil Bunnies are being created also. It's all a balance thing.
Yesterday bunnies made from facecloth were on the agenda. This was supposed to be a project to do with munchkin so she could give them to family and friends for Easter. It became a project that my friend Paula and I completed with munchkin being artistic director. But we got 8 facecloth bunnies completed. Then I sat and made the bunny above. Now I need a name and a way to make her some silk stockings. May have to experiment with some of my old ones.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy, Busy

Well I have been a busy little bee in the last month. Sending off more applications for shows and actually doing a show in partnership with Taste The County - Called Maple In The County. For anyone not in the know 'The County" in this area means Prince Edward County. This is a very marketable area they now have numerous wineries and is a favourite spot for artists to reside.

The show was upstairs of a very nice independent bookstore call Books & Co. A preferred venue to me as it is reasonably close, has great coffee at the attached cafe and in general the right kind of clientele. Though walking up and down the stairs for setup and take down is a real workout. I just refer to it as part of my workout program. Usually have a few follow up sales from any shows I do there which is always great.

Presently I am trying to wrap my head around which shows would be the most beneficial to do considering travel, accommodations and cost of space. Then there is always the consideration of spacing as if the sale is amazing I need to restock for the next show. Has anyone out there discovered that magic 72 hour day?