Saturday, April 23, 2011

More clothes

Dress made from 1 red tshirt and 4 black ones. Red stitching on the seams for contrast.

Been trying to get ready for the shows coming up. So here are a couple of more things I completed lately. The goal is to get at least one thing completed every day or lets say minimum 7 things a week. This week I got 2 dresses, I cardi, 3 little girls jackets(1 of these were for munchkin - she's outgrown her other one). So I am getting close to the weekly goal. My weeks start Monday so I shall have to see what I manage to complete today and Sunday.
I have also been busy making headbands for girls, I was getting a lot of requests for them so I thought I better get busy. Its been worth it cause they are selling.

Houndstooth Cardi made using 3 sweaters.

Need to get busy and finish some of my commissions and barter items. Have to finish a doll and her accessories - something I have been putting off. Always seem to have a commission like that looming in the background (we all need one right?)

Then I need to redesign/remake a purse towards a barter I did for a new sandwich board sign I had painted by a local mural artist. Will try to remember to take a picture. Also am making something for her daughter.

Then I need to create some item of clothing for a local artist who I got a painting from. This was my birthday present to myself. I shall have to post pictures of the painting and the finished clothing. Maybe I can get a picture of her wearing what I create.


  1. Cute dress, Ingrid! Looks very comfortable, too.

  2. OH! Dresses are my favorite. Isn't it wonderful that the seasons are changing making it easier to wear dresses again?

    I'm here with the Kiwi's Blogger Follower Swap #5 (ThePrincessR)

    Looking forward to all your future posts too!

  3. I'm reading this and I think you are just like me -there ar'nt enough hours in the day for all we have to do It just seems to be manic at the moment so looking forward to my holidays bet you are too

  4. What Holidays???
    Remember if anyone comes up with more time in a day to let me in on the secret.