Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I have been doing lately

A dress made out of some sweaters. Looks very nice with a turtleneck or cami underneath. Ended up making it a bit larger for a customer because she fell in love with this particular dress, the new version had strips down each side in a coordinating colour. It looked great on her and hopefully she wears it lots.
A quite neutral version of the sweater dress/jumper. Currently I am working on dresses made with golf shirts and tanks for the hot summer days. The skirts on them are asymmetrical and patchwork my test one turned out wonderful but whoever wears it needs to be at least 5'7" cause I made it long. The problem with trying to create a full length item. I will probably have to do two different lengths. Hope to have a picture soon.
A naughty bunny(a bit creepy), I have been on a Bunny spree. Many of them have been quite cutesy so my creativity has been fighting back and thus a few Evil Bunnies are being created also. It's all a balance thing.
Yesterday bunnies made from facecloth were on the agenda. This was supposed to be a project to do with munchkin so she could give them to family and friends for Easter. It became a project that my friend Paula and I completed with munchkin being artistic director. But we got 8 facecloth bunnies completed. Then I sat and made the bunny above. Now I need a name and a way to make her some silk stockings. May have to experiment with some of my old ones.


  1. OMG! You are so crafty! The dresses are absolutely GORGEOUS;I would wear one for sure! I like your bunny craze mood...I am obsessed with rabbits. hah.

  2. That is an awesome little evil zombie bunnie. Nice twist. Gritty!