Saturday, May 28, 2011

Art In The City - Ottawa

Here is my new sandwich board which is all ready for my upcoming shows. My friend Maureen painted it. It reminds me very much of her which is awesome, if you know her work you would instantly recognize this as done by her. I asked her to make it colourful and for it to have movement. The other side is a different outfit and woman.

So Yeeaaahhh I just got an email confirmation that I was accepted into the Art In The City in Ottawa the end of August. Another 3 day show. It looks like it will be a busy summer for me. Create, create, create and hopefully sell, sell, sell.

Really hope I wasn't crazy in deciding to try longer shows, further away with more expenses(like accommodations). The next show is Art Among The Ruins in Newburgh which is only approx a 15 minute drive on Farther's Day weekend. It is a very atmospheric show and a great way to stay visible locally. I am sure I will see lots of familiar faces and I am setting up right next to a good friend.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cobourg Waterfront Festival

Received my vendor package for the Cobourg Waterfront Festival. I think they have most everything possible covered. It is the 21st year so I guess they have learned from experience. It is interesting as they actually provide plywood walls that you are allowed to attach stuff to. There is even a vendor rest area and such things. It's been a while since I have done a 3 day show and especially one that seems to have all possible scenarios covered.
I really hope the weather is nice that weekend as we haven't had many days lately that don't include rain. So Rain, Rain go away whenever I have a show booked.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doll Whoosh

So here is the finished doll. Not something I would normally make but it is what she requested. Hopefully her granddaughter likes her. She also has a little denim rucksack big enough for her owners and her snacks. So a wipe of the brow and and utterrance of whoosh I finally completed that task. I need to learn to say NO to special requests for dolls as I always procrastinate on them and I am never happy with the finished project.

Here is the painting I got for myself for a birthday present. It is called The Runicible Spoon painted by Natalie Nolan. Went and bought the fabric to make the skirt she requested as a barter. Have her measurements and have an image in mind, now to sit down at the sewing table and start creating.
The scary thing is I have actually had people walk in the living room and not notice the new addition to the room. Strongly suspect that many people are overwhelmed by the house and its decor. Oh well a creative bunch dwells there.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

How I spent Friday Evening

Another reminder of how much my life has changed. Munchkin declared it Beauty Salon evening last night. First I had to do her hair while she chatted to me and flipped through a magazine - because that is what you do at the Salon. Though she has never actually been to one as I don't frequent hairdressers. Her Daddy goes but not me. Have never been able to deal with having to pay so much to have my hair trimmed which technically should take 5 minutes max. So once every 5 years or so I give in and go get it shaped a bit otherwise I grab a pair of scissors and cut away.

So I did her hair with lots of clips and braids, it really suits her though I am sure I could never convince her to leave in something like this all day. Mostly because it may interfere with her hat wearing.

Then she did mine which made her ecstatic as normally I don't let her play with my hair. But I knew it needed a washing in the morning so she had free rein. Oh by the way imagine hers purple and mine rainbow colour cause coloured hairspray was the finishing touch. Thankfully she is still happy pretending with this.

I normally don't do much with my hair as it has a tendency to get large if bothered.

So that was my Friday evening, not how I used to spend it. I guess it all comes with being a Mom and getting older.