Saturday, May 28, 2011

Art In The City - Ottawa

Here is my new sandwich board which is all ready for my upcoming shows. My friend Maureen painted it. It reminds me very much of her which is awesome, if you know her work you would instantly recognize this as done by her. I asked her to make it colourful and for it to have movement. The other side is a different outfit and woman.

So Yeeaaahhh I just got an email confirmation that I was accepted into the Art In The City in Ottawa the end of August. Another 3 day show. It looks like it will be a busy summer for me. Create, create, create and hopefully sell, sell, sell.

Really hope I wasn't crazy in deciding to try longer shows, further away with more expenses(like accommodations). The next show is Art Among The Ruins in Newburgh which is only approx a 15 minute drive on Farther's Day weekend. It is a very atmospheric show and a great way to stay visible locally. I am sure I will see lots of familiar faces and I am setting up right next to a good friend.


  1. Love the board.
    I really like the ruffles on the outfit.
    Congrats on the art show in Ottawa!!

    Your swap-bot friend,

  2. Hellooo! I'm Godssongg from the update your blog swap.

    Way to go!!! Congrats on the Art in the City gig!
    I think you will do great at your shows! Definitely not crazy to do bigger longer shows!

    I love funky functional stuff! I think I'll follow you!

    Happy swapping and crafting!

  3. I like the ruffles too. Keep thinking I should make something similar to the painting. Maybe I shall play around with a new skirt design.

    Thanx for the congrats and for not thinking I'm crazy for taking the leap to bigger/longer shows.

  4. Congrats on your art show, that sounds so exciting!! Hugs, Sara :) (sarachung from swap-bot)