Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doll Whoosh

So here is the finished doll. Not something I would normally make but it is what she requested. Hopefully her granddaughter likes her. She also has a little denim rucksack big enough for her owners and her snacks. So a wipe of the brow and and utterrance of whoosh I finally completed that task. I need to learn to say NO to special requests for dolls as I always procrastinate on them and I am never happy with the finished project.

Here is the painting I got for myself for a birthday present. It is called The Runicible Spoon painted by Natalie Nolan. Went and bought the fabric to make the skirt she requested as a barter. Have her measurements and have an image in mind, now to sit down at the sewing table and start creating.
The scary thing is I have actually had people walk in the living room and not notice the new addition to the room. Strongly suspect that many people are overwhelmed by the house and its decor. Oh well a creative bunch dwells there.


  1. I think the doll is adorable.
    You are very talented!
    I like the painting, it's so whimsical!
    Am eager to read more and discover all your hidden talents!!
    Your swap-bot friend,

  2. Love your work. I really <3 the owl portrait.
    Alaundra from swapbot

  3. I love it. I used to call splades "runciple spoons" when I was little, then I learned that it is a made up word. I think it is the coolest made up word in the world.