Saturday, May 7, 2011

How I spent Friday Evening

Another reminder of how much my life has changed. Munchkin declared it Beauty Salon evening last night. First I had to do her hair while she chatted to me and flipped through a magazine - because that is what you do at the Salon. Though she has never actually been to one as I don't frequent hairdressers. Her Daddy goes but not me. Have never been able to deal with having to pay so much to have my hair trimmed which technically should take 5 minutes max. So once every 5 years or so I give in and go get it shaped a bit otherwise I grab a pair of scissors and cut away.

So I did her hair with lots of clips and braids, it really suits her though I am sure I could never convince her to leave in something like this all day. Mostly because it may interfere with her hat wearing.

Then she did mine which made her ecstatic as normally I don't let her play with my hair. But I knew it needed a washing in the morning so she had free rein. Oh by the way imagine hers purple and mine rainbow colour cause coloured hairspray was the finishing touch. Thankfully she is still happy pretending with this.

I normally don't do much with my hair as it has a tendency to get large if bothered.

So that was my Friday evening, not how I used to spend it. I guess it all comes with being a Mom and getting older.


  1. This is so cute!!
    How much fun you two are!
    Your swap-bot friend,

  2. How fun is that! I can't wait till I invite friends over for my little one.
    Alaundra from swapbot

  3. So cute! I have all boys, so I don't get to do fun stuff like this. sarachung