Wednesday, June 1, 2011

P 'N' P

P 'N' P aka Pretty in Pink and pale Blue. A petal skirt made with two Tommy Hilfiger golf shirts.
Not normally a pastel person but when I saw these golf shirts I instantly thought flowers thus one petal skirt created. Even left part of the button placket on the front panels which I think are a nice addition to the completed project. But then a top half needed to be made thus the bright pink jacket with some scrap of golf shirts used for embellishing. It fits me perfectly so now I need to find a blonde aprox the same build because I think it would look stupendous with a little cami under the jacket on someone who is tanned and blonde. Isn't it weird how sometimes you can envision a complete look? I probably should make a cami to go with it too. (Pink,blue, off-white - hhhmmm?)


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  2. Pretty skirt! ~ sarachung (swap-bot)