Friday, July 22, 2011

Palmer Dress

I am horrible about naming things. So I finally decided what to call this basic style of dress. As they are mainly made using repurposed golf shirts - why not Palmer. I know not very original. But I have to stop overthinking things like naming a design.
Made some that would fit the larger figure and have been experimenting with sleeves. So these with the sweater skirts are now part of my more consistent designs. Am presently working on a couple of more options. Though as always there will never be two exactly like and they are all personally made by Moi.
Have definitively decided that I never plan on farming out the sewing of my designs. I like the fact that I can say each item available is personally created by me.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Last While

A new sweater dress. Finally came across a sweater that went well with another one I had in my stash. Sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect sweater to complete the look. Then I have to find the original sweater which is EGADS. This often involves lots of digging and sometimes days as I am sure those house trolls hide things on me just for amusement. Also got a variety of golf shirt dresses done and some new jackets.
Went on a day trip with the family after spending the morning at a Habu Textiles sourcing talk in Picton. Have been wanting to go to a local goat cheese dairy, so after they picked me up we went for a bit of a drive. This is a wonderful structure that they have built outside the main building. It is made from reclaimed materials, being as green as possible is one of the company mandates. And their cheese is good too. We picked up some chevre and cheddar.
Here's munchkin posing in the parking lot.