Saturday, August 20, 2011


Been working on a variety of headbands these are a picture of one kind. Whenever I need to touch up my roots I seem to rediscover headbands. One of the dilemmas of hair dying. Thankfully they seem to suit me.

Also have committed to another show in November, this one is called Mistletoe Magic. I did their spring show and it was worth it so I am hoping that one in November will be even better. Hopefully Busy Hands and Fat Goose are scheduling winter shows and that they are are on different dates this time. Both of these are good because they are only about 30-40 minutes away my favourite kind of shows.

No major early rising.

Unlike next weekend where I have to be set up by 10am and it is approx 31/2 hours to Confederation Park from Napanee. So need to aim to get there between 8:30 and 9:00 at the latest. But we decided it wasn't worth another night at a hotel. Already have the expense of two nights. Oh the life of trying to sell your wares ;0)