Saturday, September 17, 2011

Long time No Post

Munchkin posing with the stick garden she created for me. She insisted I take a picture of her handiwork and of course that included her acting goofy.

As to what else is going on in my life. Have been trying to get prepared for the upcoming Studio Tour which is fastly approaching. Attempting to finish some commissioned outfits and of course I agreed to two shows next weekend. These shows are at the opposites ends of the spectrum. Saturday is Taste! in Prince Edward County which is a quite large event - I will be part of a new feature they have added this year for Local Artisans and Farmers. Sunday is the Yarker Fall Festival which is organized by a community group from the small village my daughter is attending school and in the area where I grew up. Extremely different venues.

Oh and this coming Monday I have an appointment to look at some possible studio space. So Has anyone out there discovered the machine that creates longer days? I strongly suspect I need to become better at time management.