Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fibre Adventures

This past weekend we attended the Fall Fibre Affair at the Fairfield Gutzeit House in Bath Ontario. Wasn't the nicest day weather wise but it was reasonably nearby. The Fairfield Gutzeit House is an old home that has been opened to the public as a museum which holds events throughout the year. This was the second year for the Fall Fibre Affair to be held there. A beautiful old home and we saw some beautiful fibre.

Munchkin is always fascinated by the process of spinning. Someday perhaps I may figure out where to keep a spinning wheel and then we will both be happy. Though I would also need to find TIME to spin also. I shall keep dreaming of the possibilities.
Some of the absolutely gorgeous hand dyed yarns that were available.
Munchkin posing on the totally awesome kitchen floor. The trim and the old butler sink were also the same blue. It's worth going to the house the check out the amazing kitchen


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