Monday, April 30, 2012

Share Your Blog 2! cont...

Here are two more reviews for the swap I signed up for on Swap-bot. Two more to follow after this.

In The Mind Of Lil Country Belle
About her adventures of going back to school and her life in general. She was a Stay At Home Mom who has decided to go back to college and get her Early Childhood Education degree. So far she has experienced a few hurdles  but she's persevering.
A blog for anyone trying to juggle family and school. I really like the outlay and colours she opted for. Swirls in the background, what can I say always a positive choice in my opinion. The sidebars are a good addition, I really liked the bookshelf with her reading selections. Good examples of the different gadgets/buttons which are now readily available.

Avarielle Is Love
A blog done by a girl in her 20's from Singapore. It about her passions sometimes obsessions which include Maritime Disasters, Astronomy, Science and SnailMail. She is a font of information on the Titanic and all that relates to that topic. Recently she posted pictures on A Marine Museum which I would luv to visit.

Another topic she covers is lomography, which I then had to research. I can easily see how this could become an obsession. Analogue photography who knew it was so  popular and all the cool toys you can get.Well I guess anyone who does lomography.
It is nice to see her viewpoint of life in Singapore. The pictures from the lomography store opening portrays a vast difference to life in rural Ontario. Reminds you that there are always Pro's and Con's to where you live. I am sure she would love my nightsky.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Swapbot - Share Your Blog 2!

I signed up for a swap on Swap-bot which is called Share Your Blog 2!. It involves reading and reviewing 5 other bloggers. So this is the first of my five reviews.

Firelight Gleam's Blog - A little bit of everything from the artist Jazmyn Douillard

A blog about her life including cosplay, comic cons, manga and being an illustrator. Reading about her amazing devotion and hours of work on her costumes was intriguing. It is such a different life then my own, but a path that could of happened. Bandeau aka Jazmyn's work is wonderful and her sketches/illustrations throughout her postings are a great addition. 

Definitely check out her links. They actually started me on that slippery slope that caused me to spend time on Deviant Art. A site I normally try to avoid as time disappears there.

I enjoyed reading the posts and will be making a point of returning  to read more of them. Her outlay/colours and banner all suit her personality that emerges thru her postings. 

Will try to post two more reviews this weekend.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm on a roll

Brown/Acid greens


Pinks/Blue - Made on the day of snowfall
So I am on a roll. This is my second posting in a week. I have three dresses done thus far this week, presently working on a jacket. Maybe there is something to this concept of following a schedule.

I have reset my schedule of making 7 items a week. So far I am right on track. Will have to decide whether this includes small items like accessories also in the tally.
Trying to post on my blog a minimum of once a week, am attempting to get up to three times a week.
I must say though I am still an expert procrastinator. I need to get ready for a mini fashion show next week and I still need to make two of the outfits possibly three or four. Partly depends if I decide to make munchkin a totally new outfit and whether I need something new myself to wear.
Next week may be a bit hectic. Fashion show Thursday night, artisan sale in Belleville on Saturday and The Mother of All Craft Sales on Sunday in Corbyville.
On That note better get back to stitching on that jacket.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Artwork done by munchkin. She did it yesterday for me as an early birthday surprise. I think it is beautiful - I know I am sounding like such a MOM. She has been trying to create movement and depth in her pictures lately. Thinking I shall laminate it so I can use it for a bookmark. 

Friday, April 13, 2012


So this dress sold last weekend to one of my favourite customers. She lives in Toronto and whenever she is in town visiting her sister she makes a point of stopping by. This fit her great and was her colours so thus she now owns it. I'm sure she will get lots of wear out of it.

So this coming weekend I really need to get some more dresses done and also finish up some of the custom orders I have. So has anyone found that machine that increases the length of the day?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Lazy Day

So I spent the day watching Scooby movies with munchkin. We also played Epic Mickey for a while. During the last movie I surfed the net added to Pinterest and did some fantasy shoe shopping. This is a picture of a pair of boots from Fluevog.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wardrobe Evolution

Made up a new postcard to give out at shows to help promote customization of someone's wardrobe. This is a sample of the two sides.
It seems lately I have been doing this more for some of my customers so thus I made up a card explaining it a bit. I have also set up a basic sliding scale for the pricing which helps when talking to a customer. That still needs a little fine tuning.
This has become a feature of my business so I thought I should start promoting it as such.