Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm on a roll

Brown/Acid greens


Pinks/Blue - Made on the day of snowfall
So I am on a roll. This is my second posting in a week. I have three dresses done thus far this week, presently working on a jacket. Maybe there is something to this concept of following a schedule.

I have reset my schedule of making 7 items a week. So far I am right on track. Will have to decide whether this includes small items like accessories also in the tally.
Trying to post on my blog a minimum of once a week, am attempting to get up to three times a week.
I must say though I am still an expert procrastinator. I need to get ready for a mini fashion show next week and I still need to make two of the outfits possibly three or four. Partly depends if I decide to make munchkin a totally new outfit and whether I need something new myself to wear.
Next week may be a bit hectic. Fashion show Thursday night, artisan sale in Belleville on Saturday and The Mother of All Craft Sales on Sunday in Corbyville.
On That note better get back to stitching on that jacket.

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