Monday, April 30, 2012

Share Your Blog 2! cont...

Here are two more reviews for the swap I signed up for on Swap-bot. Two more to follow after this.

In The Mind Of Lil Country Belle
About her adventures of going back to school and her life in general. She was a Stay At Home Mom who has decided to go back to college and get her Early Childhood Education degree. So far she has experienced a few hurdles  but she's persevering.
A blog for anyone trying to juggle family and school. I really like the outlay and colours she opted for. Swirls in the background, what can I say always a positive choice in my opinion. The sidebars are a good addition, I really liked the bookshelf with her reading selections. Good examples of the different gadgets/buttons which are now readily available.

Avarielle Is Love
A blog done by a girl in her 20's from Singapore. It about her passions sometimes obsessions which include Maritime Disasters, Astronomy, Science and SnailMail. She is a font of information on the Titanic and all that relates to that topic. Recently she posted pictures on A Marine Museum which I would luv to visit.

Another topic she covers is lomography, which I then had to research. I can easily see how this could become an obsession. Analogue photography who knew it was so  popular and all the cool toys you can get.Well I guess anyone who does lomography.
It is nice to see her viewpoint of life in Singapore. The pictures from the lomography store opening portrays a vast difference to life in rural Ontario. Reminds you that there are always Pro's and Con's to where you live. I am sure she would love my nightsky.

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