Friday, April 27, 2012

Swapbot - Share Your Blog 2!

I signed up for a swap on Swap-bot which is called Share Your Blog 2!. It involves reading and reviewing 5 other bloggers. So this is the first of my five reviews.

Firelight Gleam's Blog - A little bit of everything from the artist Jazmyn Douillard

A blog about her life including cosplay, comic cons, manga and being an illustrator. Reading about her amazing devotion and hours of work on her costumes was intriguing. It is such a different life then my own, but a path that could of happened. Bandeau aka Jazmyn's work is wonderful and her sketches/illustrations throughout her postings are a great addition. 

Definitely check out her links. They actually started me on that slippery slope that caused me to spend time on Deviant Art. A site I normally try to avoid as time disappears there.

I enjoyed reading the posts and will be making a point of returning  to read more of them. Her outlay/colours and banner all suit her personality that emerges thru her postings. 

Will try to post two more reviews this weekend.

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