Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Share Your Blog 2! last but not least

This is the last installment of Share Your Blog 2!
This is an image from the first posting on Mag's blog. She has decided that her life is just tooooo normal and needs a bit of shaking up. So she has stated 10 different ways to try to do this. 
All of them seem manageable and basic ways that many people could expand their lives. I'm impressed that she is taking on this challenge in her own life.
Another thing she has added to her life lately is signing up for Bellebox which is receiving a box of beauty products monthly. I am curious to hear whether the Mekhala Living Hair product works as I have frizzy unruly hair myself. This is a product I have never heard of before, actually most of them are unfamiliar to me. It sounds like the boxes are improving as they go and it is always great to get treats in the mail. Thus far her blog has potential and hopefully she keeps it up.

Airy Persiflge
This is a blog done by a women by the name of Bev. I think my absolute favourite post was where she introduced us to her community of Davis, Ca. It was a great way to do some armchair traveling and learn scads about where she lives.

Eggheads.jpg (61692 bytes)
This is one of the various pictures ( I am a real sucker for outdoor art thus I picked this as a sampling). It seems bicycling is a common mode of transport here and her examples of  "...that used to be..." are great. I have often heard statements like that from the locals in many communities. Definitely going to have to check out how far from San Fran Davis is.
Bev discusses many aspects of her life in her blog, theatre, food, volunteering, her love of the written word/reading, and presently the passing of a dear friend. It seems she has a very active life and always attempts to enjoy it to the fullest even when it throws her unpleasantness.

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