Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where Has May Disappeared to?

Another month has seemed to slip by. This week has been spent trying to get a lot of little items restocked up eg. hair elastics, bracelets. Have also been trying to get a wardrobe evolution project completed - need to complete a skirt and one jacket and then arrange for pickup. That's my plans for tomorrow. 
This weekend I need to complete a palmer dress in lilac/grey tones for a custom birthday present order. Next weekend June 2nd is the show in Batawa so I would like to get some new dresses done for that. But need to make a whirlwind visit to Montreal next week also.So I strongly expect it may be a little difficult to stay on schedule, but Well Life Happens.
If I get some new dresses done I will make sure I take some snapshots and get them posted. Think I may also try to get some other headbands done out of some of my vintage fabrics. At least a couple for myself to combat the humidity which is making my hair LARGE. 

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