Friday, August 17, 2012


The mysteries and turmoil of making and sticking to schedules. Schedules are such a difficult thing for me. I always start off with the best intentions and things like appointments and shows and such things are not a problem, but well most other things are. I have gradually been solving the mysteries of scheduling other stuff but I am sad to say there is still room for improvement. Presently working on breaking things down into daily, weekly, monthly and 3 month spans. It all just seems so against my natural creative tendencies.


  1. haha, I hope you will solve the mystery of schedules sooner or later ^_^! Personally I love to make different schedules and plans, but I find it hard to follow them too!
    -Jungpo from Follow Me #4

  2. Sorry if I wasn't able to post a comment in time but my mom went to the hospital for an emergency and I had to back to her town, so I messed up with work, blog and swaps. Hope you can understand. Schedules are important, yes, but you never know what will happen, so it's hard to plan everything.
    Krizia,Follow me #4

  3. I'm not a planer at all which is why I'm with someone who is :) He keeps me on track. I have a calendar some where... if you figure it out, please share.
    chrisyh418 swap-bot

  4. Sometimes I wonder where have the days gone? And you are better off scheduling things. Just keep on and it will part of your groove

    Follow me #6