Friday, September 21, 2012

This weekend

Have been busy getting some new designs done for this show. It has wonderful potential and hopefully there will be a second and on. Never been to the venue before but the online pictures of the space are beautiful. Organized by a great team of women who are doing I think now 3 different shows a year, the other ones I have participated in are always well promoted and they try to think of any possible scenerios which my occur and cover all bases. 

As for what else is happening this weekend Impresario Artisan Market ( ) is having their official Grand Opening from 3-6pm Friday afternoon. They are carrying many if my clothing designs and a few accessories. If you are ever in Cobourg the store is well worth a visit and its not just because they have my stuff.

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  1. Those designs in the poster look like Spirograph designs! I'm a fan of Spirograph... did some of my own, as a child of course, but also in Adobe Illustrator class that I took a couple years ago. You can see my gallery here,

    janelwashere - Follow Me #6