Monday, October 1, 2012


A friends birthday was last week and she loves to explore and take pictures. So I had heard about an outdoor art exhibit and I thought a perfect way to spend the day. It is A Rural Open-Air Gallery for Site-Specific Art  -  Fieldwork Land Art Exploration. That is how the official write up goes. I even let munchkin skip school that day so she could come on our trip aka magical mystery tour. This is what my family always calls a local day trip. I posted a few pictures of the exhibit it was a perfect fall day and we spent approx. 2 hours wandering around in the woods and field. 
Afterwards we went to Perth a nearby town and had lunch and wandered around for a while. I found two thrift stores, two consignment stores, we also went to a great local coffee shop and stopped at a wonderful natural grocery store called Foodsmiths.(I always lament we do not have one of these closer to home)


  1. Seems like a fun day. It's so nice that you're bringing your child along for some art education. (follow me 6 Katrina Alana)

  2. The art seems interesting. I thought the very first one was a gnome.

    I love natural grocery stores. Thankfully we have them here, but where I used to live there was nothing. I really missed them.

  3. These are pretty cool!

    Zefaniya Follow me #6

  4. This is really cool! There is nothing creative like that here in New Jersey. I would love to see something like this!

    Follow Me #6

  5. It seems like you had a beautiful day! :) (worldtour follow me #6)

  6. I hope you had a great time there. It seems like a very interesting trip. :)

    ~disturbia000 swap-bot