Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Accidents Happen

So this past Saturday I had an oopps. Went over my left index finger with a rotary blade. By the way I don't recommend trying this. It ended up with me getting stitches and a rather large bandage.  Hopefully by mid next week I will have the stitches out and will have most of my dexterity back. It makes it kinda hard to do various things from things like shampooing my hair to sewing. But I am managing to cope with most everything though production has been slowed down a tad. 
Tuesday after I went to get the dressing changed munchkin and I decided it needed to be decorated. So meet my newest friend, haven't named him yet but he is more interesting to look at then a big white finger. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dryer Spheres

 My new stamp I just picked up from Marchant in Kingston. 
Once again they did a great job. So now I can get busy stamping the new cloth bags I have made for the dryer spheres.

What goes inside the dryer spheres. Lots of little snips of fulled wool. It's how I occupy my time in the evening, cutting scraps up into even smaller pieces. Well normally I am watching a movie or something also. So it's not all work and no play.
A small pile of spheres ready to be stuffed. After they are stuffed back to the sewing machine for the finishing stitching.
My dryer spheres are made from fulled wool remnants that are normally too small to do much else with. Each piece is hand cut to help eliminate waste. So thus I am helping to keep textiles from landfill and making a product that makes drying clothes more economical and earth friendly. Just beware tho as children and pets also think they make great toys. ;0)

Benefits of Dryer Spheres
- can reduce dryer time by 40%
- softens clothes
- reduces static cling
- chemical free
- unscented (but can be infused with pure essential oils) I personally put a couple of drops of tea tree on mine when it is cold season

How to Use Them
- Simply toss the spheres in you dryer with the wet laundry and start tumbling
- If doing multiple loads it is best to have a couple of sets or let the spheres cool down between loads. They work most efficiently when room temperature or cooler at the start of the load. Some people throw them in the freezer for a couple of minutes between loads.
-You can just leave them in the dryer between loads or store them in the bag they came in
-If they start to pill a bit don't worry as it doesn't effect their efficiency. You can defuzz them with a sweater shaver but it isn't necessary
-If they do get dirty for any reason just wash and dry them with a load of laundry. 
Any colour in the wool will NOT leech or bleed into your clothing. Remember all wool used has been previously loved and washed numerous times.