Monday, January 4, 2016

Changes for the New Year and New Habitat

   So this new year is kinda significant. My family has transplanted itself to the Pacific North West aka Seattle. My guy got a job that was just to good to pass up on. My daughter and I have been settling in slowly, it is very different in the United States from Canada. You aren't really aware how many differences there can be until you actually relocate to a different country. Even if it is only from Canada to the States.

   One of the things that has changed drastically is my business. My main focuses was custom work and that is harder to do with my established clientele as we now live so far apart.(I am still doing work for a select few so not all ties have been cut) Also my EcoFashion line has been greatly effected as one of my main branding features was "Made In Canada".

   Recently I have been getting into a lot of research and history of fashion focusing largely on undergarments. I feel this will be a good direction for the blog to go so I can share many of the things I have been learning with others. Expect reviews of books, videos and patterns, with many of the patterns tested and perhaps revamped a little. I will also be drafting and creating undergarments for specific reasons be it age, comfort, or just because.

   Occasionally some new Eco-Fashion designs may appear as this is still one of my great loves. Finding a new life for clothing that is no longer loved for whatever reason has always been important to me. Perhaps I may blend undergarments with EcoFashion once in a while.

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