Monday, February 15, 2016

Paprika Lace Panties

To create matching panties to go with my brown and paprika bralette I decided to make very basic stretch lace panties. This method is quite simple for anyone who has some sewing experience and there are many YouTube tutorials if you care to do a quick google search. For these panties I used a 6 1/4" wide stretch lace.
Here is the basics 1) Take your hip measurement subtract 4

 2) Cut your lace to this length and then cut in half
 3) Fold each of the two pieces in half

 4) Measure in 1.5" and 1.5' up from bottom. Cut out a piece as above on each folded piece on unfolded edge. Remember not to do it on the folded edge.
  5) You should now have two pieces that look like this which you sew together

  6) Turn out to right side and you have panties. Well just about. Now you need to add a crotch piece.
  7) Cut a piece of lace and stretch cotton to sew right sides together. I did mine 3" for this pair. Next time I would make the crotch piece at least 4" long.
  8) Turn right sides out and do a quick pressing.

  9) Sew crotch piece to main body of panties, right side lace together. Each side of main body, make sure you don't get the panties twisted while doing this.

  10) Should look like this

 11) Turn right side out and you have a pair of lace panties.

 12) Next time I will use slightly wider elastic probably at least 7" but that is my personal preference. These are still quite comfy to wear but they sit a little lower then I would like. A combination of the crotch piece being a little short for me and I actually have a butt unlike my lovely model in the pics. Oh to look like this again but alas I am not 20 anymore.

A picture of the finished set.

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