Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spoonflower Fabric Watson Bra and Panties

Have been using some of the fabrics I got from Spoonflower. This is the Short Circuits in modern jersey designed by Robyriker. So far I have been very happy with the quality of fabrics from Spponflower. They are washing well and seem to keep their spring back quality.

The Watson Bra sewed up nicely and seems like a nice fit. The black fabric is powernet I picked up from Bra Makers Supply when I went to Boob Camp a while ago. The bra strapping is also from there as I bought some of their clearance spools recently - one in black and one in beige. It is a nice size and the price was definitely right. The picot elastic is from Sew Sassy Fabrics

The panties are a nice basic style, will have to see how they fit after they have been washed a couple of times. I haven't been having much luck in the sizing of panties recently, it varies greatly between every type of fabric. So unless I make every pair from the exact same fabric, which I must say would be a bit boring, I may be out of luck. It has been getting a bit discouraging. 

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