Sunday, May 1, 2016

MMMay16 Challenge


It's the first day of May and a big month for a large part of the sewing community. The start of the MeMadeMay Challenge. 
I realize that I haven't participated since 2012 which actually kinda surprised me, or I should say I haven't participated formally. This is something I have strongly believed in for quite a large chunk of my life.

So this year my challenge to myself is to wear something made by me every day of the month. This will not be very hard to accomplish so I am adding a few of my own twists. The first being to introduce my daughter to the art of sewing and have her start making some of her own clothing. This will be instead of her hoarding scraps of fabric(she definitely takes after me here) or picking out lengths of fabric at stores going "Mom can you make me ......." The start of this process was picking out a pattern, having her trace her size and then proceed to cut out her project.
So her first project and hopefully not her last is to make herself a pair of capris out of this colourful knit. It has pockets but she insists she only needs one, and "you know that will be easier then putting in two, right" ;0
My next challenge is to make myself the perfect pair of jeans that actually fit well. Something I have been meaning to do for a while. And the last and probably the hardest is to get all the bins of fabric sorted(have been hiding them in the basement - outta sight, out of mind lol).  

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