Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Some Fashion Documentaries

The Next Black

The Next Black is a documentary that I stumbled across the other day. Was going through the various documentaries available on Hulu and this one was recommended for me. So well I watched it. It discusses various ways that technology is changing the world of fashion. Wearable Tech is touched upon along with the possibilities of using fermentation to create cloth. Fermentation is so popular in the food industry presently that it is no surprise that it has also entered into fashion. ETextiles and fabric innovations are something I have been researching off and on for a while now so I enjoyed it.

Beyond Biba

Beyond Biba A Portrait of Barbara Hulanicki is well worth the watch. Biba was a fashion house from London that had a brief and influential life during the late 60's, early 70's. London had a drastic effect on pop culture history during this time and Biba was part of it all.
Whenever I see imagery connected with the department store I always think I wish this still existed. It was such a perfect example of complete packaging and marketing and it all had an Art Deco edge. Sadly because of an economic turn in England and corporate differences the department store was short lived. Barbara Hulanicki and her partner Fitz actually just chose to walk away from the business and the Biba department store did not survive long without them.

Both of these films are worth watching, each is about an hour long. The only thing I warn is they may take you "down the rabbit hole" to learn more. 

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