Monday, June 6, 2016

Oddmall Emporium

Oddmall Emporium of the Weird in Everett, Washington. This past weekend we decided to check this event out, I had come across it when researching shows in the area. It is definitely a show I would normally be applying to be a vendor at. About 95% of the vendors were the creators of the work they had available for sale. Looks like this year is a big year for them as they are adding shows to their roster.


 Oddmall was introduced to the Seattle area in 2013 with the assistance of Andy Hopp who started Oddmall in Akron Ohio in 2009. The basis behind the show is to provide a venue for local makers, artists, musicians and performers to show their stuff off to the public. It is a family friendly event and there is something for everyone. We got to see the Seattle band Geppetto's Retribution on Sunday afternoon just after we arrived. We did this during a little break between checking out the vendors.

Of course we had to purchase a few things ;0)
Munchkin got herself a hand drawn map created by Forgotten Times something she has wanted since seeing them at Mythic Worlds a few months ago. She also got a Chooseomatic book called Time Travel Dinosaur by Matt Youngmark which she is enjoying immensely.

I picked out a book from Broken Eye Books called by Faerie light which is an anthology of alternative fairy tales. The cool little moustached guy is a sticker from Normiehead, I have a thing for stickers and my filing cabinet is well decorated. Last but not least I bought a light from Spark Plug Industries. It just kinda called my name tho it was a bit of a decision between this and another one with a spider for the on/off switch. This one won, it suits the living room and what's even better is the french doors have close to a matching doorknob.

All in all a nice way to spend a Sunday.

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