Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Simplicity 0591 - Cosplay

This was a free pattern that came with an issue of Cosplay Culture 
magazine. I have been enjoying reading the Cosplay Culture magazine for the last three issues. I am even considering getting an actual subscription instead of picking them up at Barnes & Noble when I notice a new one. I partially decided to pick up the first one I bought because it had a free pattern with it. Cross promotion and free things worked on me this time. My daughter had been telling me she needed a new cloak so I decided to get the magazine and give the pattern a whirl. Since then I have purchsed two more magazines.

When I was digging through some of the numerous bins of fabric stored in the basement trying to sort them, I happened to come across some black crushed velvet. It was enough fabric for the cape with hood, Score!! There was also a piece of sparkly fabric just big enough to line the hood. I decided lining the cape wasn't really necessary if I serged all the seams and the velvet had enough weight.

 Then I dug some more and found a patterned burgundy velvet to make the hat. I used a piece of black felt on the underside of the brim to give it some more structure and finished the edge with some satin bias tape.

I opted to make the medium cape with hood so either my daughter or I could wear it. It is about 10" shorter then the original pattern as she is 5'1", it ended up being about ankle length on her. On me it is below the knees so it works for both of us. The cape has a yoke piece which I always prefer as it helps with the drape of the fabric.
The hat has a piece of wire in the back seam so you can shape the crown some, which my daughter and her bestie thought was wonderful.

I had made these partly so they could be worn at Mythicworlds but we had Seattle weather that weekend, actually it was raining harder then normal for here. Anyways they did not get worn but the cape has presently taken up residence on my mannequin which lives by the front door. We switch up her outfits off and on. The hat has made its way to my daughters chest of dress up clothes aka cosplay outfits. Dressup clothes is no longer an acceptable term in the house, terminology sometimes has to change as they get older ;).

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