Monday, April 3, 2017

April's Reading List

For the month of April I have choosen three books to read. This is something I am going to try to do each month, read at least two or three non-fiction books. I read a lot so it shouldn't be that difficult but I have decided to be a bit more organized about it. I also purchase a lot of books so this will be a good way to go through some of the backlog.

The first is "Eco Chic - The Savvy shoppers guide to ethical fashion" by Matilda Lee. This is a book many other books reference and I finally ordered a used copy from England. It was published in 2007 so I am sure some of it will be dated. What has attracted me was the fact that it is one of the early books to deal with the topic of Eco Fashion or ethical fashion. Before 2007 these were not terms the average consumer would of been aware of.

"The Lost Art of Dresses - The Women Who Once Made America Stylish" by Linda Pryzybyszewski is a book I picked up at University Bookstore. It was first published in 2014 and is the history of the "Dress Doctors" and fashion from about 1910-1960. It also discusses and laments the loss of home economics being taught in school. I also think it is a shame that home economics is no longer considered worthy of being taught in school, this is one of the things that attracted me to the book. I also love the concept of a "Dress Doctor" partially due to the fact that I think many people should see one, mostly so they could learn how clothing should fit.

The third book I have picked is "The Game Believes In You - How Digital Play Can Make Our Kids Smarter" by Greg Topppo, published in 2015. I have been fascinated for a while by how computers and coding can benefit the youth of today and have been researching it in a variety of ways. My research has taken me down a variety of paths including learning some programming languages, experimenting with a Raspberry Pi and electronics, and of course gaming. Gaming is a topic that causes very strong reactions in most people. I have always seen both benefits and disadvantages from gaming so am curious how it is approached. 

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