Friday, May 5, 2017

Wear? - Favourite Jeans MMMAY17

These are my favourite pair of jeans, a friend gave them to me about 4 years ago. Her sister had given them to her and lucky for me they didn't fit her :). They are from a US company called Royal Unknighted and are made from a 4 way stretch denim. I loved the flare width, the contrast stitching and the fit.

The yoke is as added bonus as it sits so much nicer on my physique then the traditional jean waistband. The top stitching is all done with a high contrast thick yellow thread in three rows. The top stitching up the inseam is also a nice feature.

But my favourite jeans are finally calling it quits, I suspected thay they were getting to the stage of showing wear. And after their last washing.... 

They aren't the type of jeans that really suit a patch and I definitely can't make a hole this size just disappear. So the reason for this blog posting, I am going to clone myself a pair. I have been thinking about doing it for a while as I haven't been able to find another pair of these jeans and I really like them if you haven't realized that yet. The end results won't look exactly like this pair as I am starting with a slightly different fabric but the main goal is the fit.

So making a new pair of jeans from my old favourites is probably my MAIN goal for MMMAY17.

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  1. I will also add that they are my favourite jeans as well...