Friday, May 12, 2017

Where? Goodwill Capital Hill

My daughter has a ukulele recital for her school coming up and she was told to dress up. She isn't one for dresses or even skirts. So her idea was to get a pair of dress pants and a suit jacket "You know a tux or something". Then she suggested we go thrift shopping :). I think I may be raising her right if her first suggestion was thrift shopping for a "tux or something." So after school yesterday we caught the bus and went to the Capital Hill Goodwill.

Her posing with our oversize bag after our expedition. She found everything she needed for the recital plus I found some things for myself also.

I scored the TV Series "Pushing Daisies" that I have been keeping my eyes open for. The first season was still sealed and the second season was pristine also, so the trip was just worthwhile for that. We also ended up with a suit jacket for her - $24.97, two pairs of black dress pants - $7.99 each, a purple dress shirt - $7.99, and to complete her outfit a pair of Steve Madden blue suede boots - $19.99. I found a pair of black IBEX pants that had never been worn - $12.99, a Calvin Klein black skirt - $12.99, and two black shirts - $4.99 & $7.99. It seems I always find something worth buying at this location and it's clean and the staff is friendly.

Of course all of her stuff needs alterations of some sort, that is except her boots. The men's suit jacket needs the shoulders narrowed and maybe the sleeves need to be shortened, though I suspect the sleeves may be fine after the shoulder alteration. The dress shirt was a mans also so I am shortening the length of it and taking the sleeves back the cuff length. Both pairs of pants need to be shortened also but I am ecstatic that she decided on two pairs, maybe this means she will wear something beyond her standard leisure wear occasionally. She also found a vintage bow tie amongst my stash which needs some TLC to complete her outfit.

Thrift shopping is always an adventure and sometimes it can be challenging when looking for something specific. This outing was fruitful and my daughter actually enjoyed the experience, something which doesn't happen often when it come to shopping for clothes. I have found she is always more cooperative at a thrift shop then she is at a normal clothing retail store though.

Well back to the sewing machine for me :)

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