Friday, May 26, 2017

Where? My Studio

This past week I have actually been spending some time in my studio and sewing. The last while I have been trying to introduce a new routine which is more well rounded. I always have a tendency to go on sewing binges and immerse myself in production work for days in a row. Surprise, surprise my body doesn't like this treatment. So I have been trying to sew for an 1-1.5 hours then taking a break, this is against my nature, it always seems to be feast or famine situation with me. I will sew 8-12 hrs a day when I am in a sewing mood with few breaks. My new routine involves trying to break up my jobs more throughout the day, this has not been an easy task for me. 

I made space for my new adjustable desk which I can use standing or sitting and it is actually in my studio. This took a bit of work and reorganizing to accomplish, it also forced me to finish going through the numerous boxes that had been moved from Canada. Those mystery mixed boxes that I kept looking in and then closely quickly have finally been sorted. Mystery boxes were in abundance after having a moving company pack my old studio. I had also condensed two studios, my home and business into one just previous to the move. Anyways it is great to have my desk and computer in my upstairs studio, partially due to the fact that my studio gets natural light. Though I do admit to still using my laptop while sitting on the living room couch a lot.

My sewing machines are on an kitchen island I purchased at Ikea, it is nice and sturdy and the surface doesn't vibrate when I am sewing, which is a definite plus to me. I use my sergers and coverstich machine while standing and sit to use my sewing machine. By not sitting for long stretches of time my shoulders and back don't get as sore. I like to have two sergers threaded and ready to go, one of them normally threaded with a neutral like black, cream or white.

I still haven't managed to clear everything out from under my cutting table, maybe some day, we all need goals ;). The other thing I didn't manage to get organized was a place to leave my ironing board up. I am thinking to solve this issue I may make myself a board that can be used on my cutting table. I also need a place to leave a dress mannequin and my steamer accessible, but as I said we all need goals. Or perhaps someday I will find that magical room which is "bigger on the inside."

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